bucket list item ✔️✔️

last weekend I went camping with a few friends to falcon lake and I checked off 2 things off my bucket list. I fell asleep under the stars by the river and I also went rope swinging off of a cliff. it was very scary at first and it took a long time for me to actually just off the cliff. I stood there for 5 mins pep talking myself!! it was very fun and the second time I did it was a breeze and I’m very glad I did it!!  



Bonus: See a word cup game

i took my friend Haydn to see a women’s word cup game in Winnipeg yesterday! she had always wanted to go to one and she was disappointed she didn’t get tickets so I decided to get her some! we’ve both played soccer together for years and it was fun to share that experience together!   


Now What?

 Visit Santorini

I’m planning a trip with my sister after I graduate next year to go to Greece! I want to go for two weeks and go to Greece but as well as go to different parts of Europe. We talked about it and since it’s still a year away, the details are fuzzy. I’m saving up my money now from my job and my tips that I make. I’m considering getting another job during the summer to make some extra money for the trip and so I’m not completely broke after. My coworker just came back from Greece and she said it was the best experience of her life and now I’m so much more excited! I want to check off all my dream destinations so hopefully Greece is just a start for me! I hope it all works out!! 

personal addition 26 – metro 

because of the Huskies win at provincials a week ago, myself and my teammates Chantal and Haydn, got interviewed by the metro to hear about our successes! it was very fun and the reporter was very friendly and bubbly and made the interview comfortable for all of us. It was a fun experience and we ended up making the front page!!  


personal addition 25 – dragon boat 

this weekend I participated in the annual high school dragon boat competition. this was my third year doing it. my boat wasn’t very good but we had a lot of fun! the weather was a little strange, on and off raining of sun shining. eventually it started downpouring, thundering and hailing. everyone packed into the big tent set up and the tent ended up flooding. all in all the whole day was quite the experience and I can’t wait til next year!! I also embraced the selfie stick my friend brought!!  


personal addition 24 – provincial champions

this past weekend I had the privilege to help be apart of Winnipeg the high school provincial championship for girls soccer!! unfortunately I couldn’t play because of my knee injury but I supported from the bench as the girls made it through semi’s and finished off finals with an intense shoot out!! such a great group of girls I got to work with and I couldn’t be more proud to be a husky!!